Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My very own Hawaiian Experience Part 1

On many occasions I have Googled "nature, beaches, world wonders" and so on just to relax and take my mind to beautiful places.  It was of no surprise that many of the "images" that Google came up with were scenes of Hawaii. I stared in awe but always wondered if the pictures had been altered in some way; did they use filters to make the water so blue, to make the flowers look so colorful and exotic and the mountains so lush and green?" Well.... the day came when I could witness for myself the truth about the "Google images" LOL 

I arrived in Maui on a Friday afternoon in the month of August. As I walked out of the airport the freshness of the air was invigorating.  Immediately I knew I was in a special place; I wanted to dance the hula right then and there. LOL The ride from the airport to the hotel was unexpected, for some reason I didn't expect to see so many chain restaurants: McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC and on and on .... NOOOO!! WHERE ARE THE PINEAPPLES?? 

Soon enough the busy road turned into walls of lush, green shrubs, some were filled with yellow flowers, others had red, white and even orange.   I could not keep my eyes off my surroundings. It had been one year since I'd lost my prescription glasses, well I made sure I got a new pair three days before I left for my trip; I was not about to miss a thing! :)

A few minutes into our ride I looked ahead and saw a deep blue lining surrounding the area where we were headed. "Could it be? was that the same Ocean I saw on Google? It sure appeared to be the same color!" We drove passed Resort after Resort one more luxurious than the next, all planted along the ocean's front. Suddenly the driver made a smooth right turn into a driveway that appeared to be headed into a palace worthy of Oprah! The Fairmont Kea Lani 5-Star resort.  The driver opened the door and extending his hand to help me out said "you have arrived at your destination" WHAT?!?! are you sure sir?? LOL JK 

I have to admit that not only was this resort luxurious, elegant and exquisite but the staff was just as amazing: courteous, professional, kind and helpful.  After returning from dinner that night, when we entered the suite, the drapes had been drawn, the room had been tidied up, the bed slightly undone/ready to sleep, night lights were on and Hawaiian music was playing in the background. That's it... by now I was sure I'd just entered the set of a romantic movie, WHERE ARE THE CAMERAS??"  haha Every day for seven days our room was serviced twice a day.  I didn't know what to do with myself!! 

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