Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Married but flirting - Why people flirt?

Responding to the overwhelming reaction to the “infidelity posts” I decided to write a few posts on prevention.  Some of you have in-boxed me about the infidelity you have experienced because of the relationships that have started as merely flirting.  This is for you and hopefully for the prevention of more broken marriages.
 I did a little research on the reasons why married people flirt.  Although we would like it to be as easy as just saying STOP, it’s simply not that easy for most people.  

There are many reasons for this action and therefore each has to be taken into consideration to be able to understand the root of the problem. 

  • Believe it or not, the first reason stated in one of the studies  was “Boredom.” Hahaha I know, I didn't expect that at all. I was thinking childhood abuse, abandonment, or something tragic like that. LOL Boredom meaning being stuck in a rut in many areas of their life. Therefore they lack the self motivation to change their present situation. Instead of changing their job, starting a hobby or learning something new; they choose to flirt instead.  It provides them with the excitement, anticipation and entertainment that they are lacking in their life; at an easier and faster rate.

  • The second reason mentioned was that some see it as completely harmless and natural. They have no intention of acting on any impulses generated by flirting but get some satisfaction from engaging in it, knowing that someone else finds them desirable in some way.
  • Thirdly, there are those who are involved in unhappy relationships and seek affirmation of their desirability elsewhere.
  • Lastly there are those that are actually seeking extramarital encounters for the sheer sexual pleasure involved.

I’m sure everyone that flirts has their own reasons why they do it; but these are the ones I found to be the most interesting.  LOL 

I will continue tomorrow on ways people flirt and the effects flirting has on the person involved as well as on their spouse.

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