Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She loves me, She loves me not...

Before I continue with my love story I feel the need to give you a little background information on my upbringing to help you better understand my actions.  :/ I was brought up by a single mom and three sisters, like that wasn't enough woman power, my mom took in woman that had been abused, abandoned or in need of any sort.  ( I will share more about that on later posts) As an impressional little girl, I grew up with a strong "woman power" spirit.  I believe woman can do anything they set their minds to, that no one deserves to be mistreated nor should they put up with it.  That being said, as a teen, before I matured I carried with me a sort of defensive mechanism.  I had made an internal decision that I will not allow anyone to mistreat me, I was in control.  A lot of that changed as I matured, I later had to understand that not all men were out to hurt or abuse.  I saw so much of that as a child that I had to work hard to create a balance, but I did it!

Ok back to my love story.... Lol  After saying "have a nice life" to Oscar that night my friends refused to give up. All night I had to hear about how mean and rude I had been.  How Oscar took time out to take us out and didn't deserve for me to treat him that way.  How even if I wasn't interested in him, I didn't have to be mean about it.  They were really working me, they perstered and harassed me until the next day they made me call him to tell him to come over so I could appologize in person.... Ugh the torture!!!!  Lol I didn't like that very much.... I said something like this (totally cold and emotionless) " Hi Oscar, this is Millie I was just wondering if you could come by so that I can talk to you for a minute." Oscar said that he had let someone borrow his car so he didn't have one at the moment. Whew, saved by the bell... so I thought :/  I quickly said "ok, never mind then, bye." I did my part and was happy I didn't have to put myself thru that torture.   Not even 15 minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was Oscar, he rode his bike over!!!! Hahaha 

I'm not going to lie, I hated having to do this!  but because of peer pressure I did :/ lol I remember Oscar was sitting on the kitchen table and I was walking around trying to find a way to say it.  I started  saying something like this " Oscar I asked you to come over to apologize, remember what I said to you last night when you were dropping us of? Oscar said " hmm no, I don't, what did you say? yessssssss!!! he doesn't remember! me: " oh ok so if you don't remember then I don't have to apologize!" Hahahaha I was a mess.  Oscar's amnesia was quickly healed, he said "oh you mean when you told me, bye, have a nice life?" ugh :/ Soooo I went on and apologized.  

I was heading back to Ohio that day so I told him it had been nice to meet him. Oscar, seeing a soft side of me, went in for the kill.... Lol he asked if it would be ok for him to write to me.  I told him that he could as a friend because I already liked someone. Omg thank God Oscar never gave up on me, I was horrible! He must've gone home to write that very day because I received a letter about three days later. :) I was surprised, excited, my heart was pounding!  He was very respectful in his letters, not flirting or anything of the sort.  He wrote about his traveling experiences, where he had been and what had happened.  He always ended his letters like this, " God Bless You, your friend Oscar.  I enjoyed reading his letter they were interesting, we wrote to each other practically every other week.  About two months and 8 letters later, Oscar wrote me a letter with a slight different tone. He started with " I've never met anyone like you" (awww melts my heart when I think about it). He acknowledged that he new I liked someone else but that he just wanted me to know how he felt. This time he ended his letter instead of "your friend, Oscar", 
he wrote; " likes you, Oscar" Ahhhhhhh!!! 


* my next post; my mom's reaction, my response and how he won my heart :) 

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