Sunday, August 17, 2014

My very own Hawaiian Experience Part 5

I'm suffering from terrible jet-lag; Hawaii is 6 hours behind so when I wake up at 6:00 am my body is telling me its midnight.  I should just go live there.... LOL

After seeing tons of Hawaiian sunset images I couldn't wait to see one for myself.  We booked an amazing tour on a sailing catamaran.  I gathered from the description on their site that this would be a semi-formal event.  Being such the "girl" that I am, I wore a sexy black dress, strappy gold sandals, curled my hair and glued my eyelashes! what was I thinking?? LOL

There I was walking the plank, strutting my stuff when the captain says "Attention everyone, there

is a storage cube on the deck where everyone will need to leave their shoes." What?? so why don't you just call it "The Barefoot Cruise??"  I couldn't argue with the captain... he is a man, what does he know about the law of "dress and shoes" they stay together sir!!   LOL As you can imagine by the time the tour was over not only was I a barefoot peasant but my hair was a bird's nest from the breeze and my eye lashes were holding on for dear life! In the end it was all worth it... The view, the food and the ambiance were so perfect that I would've had an amazing time even if I was wearing a sack cloth... hmmmm maybe if it had some sequence. hahaha

Off we went into the sunset... the ocean was serene and steadily cradling us with a calmness that oozed romance.  The captain anchored behind a mountain which gave us the illusion that the sunset that evening was especially ordered just for us.  Everyone made their way up to the top deck to witness a Maui sunset; no one was disappointed.  Since I wasn't able to get a good picture, I will use the one the tour uses on their web-site, it is the closest I could get to describing what I saw.  
The dinner was an exquisite spread of everything from sushi, mahi mahi, jumbo shrimp, ribs with guava BBQ sauce, and many sides with a Hawaiian flair.  For dessert I tried chocolate tiramisu for the very first time. WHY oh WHY did I commit such an atrocity?? Now I dream about the crazy thing!! hahaha 

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