Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Surrounded by many, but feeling alone.

We are mistaken if we think that being surrounded by people will take away our loneliness.  Good examples of this are celebrities.   Although they are always surrounded by adoring fans and “friends,” they feel alone.  They are dying by the dozens by suicide and drug abuse. 

Why is that, how could it be that we can be married, with kids, and people all around us and still feel alone? It’s because loneliness is more a matter of the mind than anything else.

  The reason we feel lonely is because we don’t share with anyone on an intimate level.  I read a saying once that said “Intimacy is the absence of loneliness.   True! 

We walk around afraid of being hurt or betrayed to the point of not giving anyone a chance. I’m sorry to say that there aren't many people that are going to love us enough to take the time to break through our wall.  If we sit around pouting, feeling sorry for ourselves; angry, and miserable, trust me nothing is going to happen to take that wall down.

Waiting on someone to come along and be trust worthy enough, kind enough, patient enough, to “earn” the “right” to be our friend, it’s a waste of precious time.   We have to get to the point of getting so sick and tired of feeling alone that we truly WANT to make a change.   

That’s when we have to take a leap of faith and start trusting at the risk of betrayal.  Chances are if we have been burnt enough times, we have become good judges of character, and able to make good choices. 

 Five steps towards helping us form intimate relationships.

       1.       Be willing to share your heart.
      2.       Offer your friendship without expecting anything in return.
      3.       Respect the other person’s opinions even if they are not the same as yours.
      4.       Give them space.  (don’t be overbearing)
      5.       Be realistic about people’s humanity. (any one of us is capable failing)

        Lets not just make friends, lets make intimate connections! 

I hope this has been helpful, I have put these steps to the test and they have proven to be a success.  WOW that rhythms hahaha.  

THANKS FOR READING! be blessed FGAL readers :)

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for sharing your insights. :)