Thursday, July 4, 2013

"I see white clouds" Inspired by a true story.

“I see white clouds” was inspired by a true story and with her permission, I will share some of her experience with you. 

I have known this woman for many years; she has become a close friend to me. We have shared special moments, fun moments and not so fun moments. The best thing about our friendship is that although our busy lives take us separate ways, when we see each other we pick up right where we left off. We can trust one another and know that we will always have each other’s back.I want to begin by saying that this woman has become a woman of influence, a leader, an administrator, a teacher and a public speaker but above all things she is a TRUE mentor to many. I say “true” mentor because she is the type of mentor that will teach you, lead you, encourage you, inspire you and when she lets go, not only does she rejoice in seeing you fly but she expects you to fly higher. She has mastered the art of “human-horticulture” LOL

A horticulturist’s work involves plant cultivation with the aim of improving plant growth, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases and environmental stresses. They work as gardeners, growers, therapists, designers, and technical advisors in all sectors of horticulture.

I’ll never forget the day she told me about this traumatic occurrence in her life. It impacted me in a way that although it was many years ago, I felt a need to share it even if through novel form. She told me that when she lived in her
country as a little girl, she’d have to walk through a field to go to school. She said that one day as she was walking through the field a man came up to her and molested her. She felt terrified, helpless and confused. During her adult life, there was a period when she suffered a severe depression. She explains it as if she was walking around like a zombie, or in a Trans; her relatives asked her to admit herself into a mental hospital to get treatment. 

That being said, I’d like to thank those of you that shared how “I see white clouds” impacted your life. I received feedback from people with ages ranging from 13 to 63. I thank God for that.  

 Ok so here are my two cents. LOL

  • I intended the field to represent a place where the innocent run free and feel safe; as is the world in the eyes of a child. 

  • The clouds represented dreams and goals, empty canvases for the imagination to roam through endless possibilities; as is a child’s mind. 

  • The storm represented any form of traumatic experience. Anything in one’s life that has distorted our dreams and goals. Any form of tragedy ranging from abuse, divorce, death, neglect, to abandonment. Which are all things that can turn your life inside out and leave you feeling lost.

  • The fort was the emotional walls we put up to keep people from coming inside. The defense mechanism we build within us that springs forth from the fear of being hurt again. 

  • The “facility” represented the world of the hurt and the wounded. 

  • The woman that helped Priscilla sort through her pain could be anyone from psychologists, counselors, pastors, friends, or family, all depending on the need at hand. There is healing in disclosing (to the right person).

  • The small child bleeding and wounded is our inner child that still needs healing from the past. Priscilla cleaning the blood was her way of  suppressing; not wanting to deal with the pain.

    • Lolita and Tom are representatives of people who decide to live their life without facing their pain. Like Lolita, they choose to live in a fantasy world, where everything is fine. Or like Tom, that comes and goes with the wind; putting our lives in the hands of others to control. 

  • Priscilla’s choice of career was a way of giving back. This is something that it’s experienced only when we receive healing. With inner healing comes a sense of gratitude that all we want to do is share the good news with the world. Help others grow, heal, and live; we want everyone to feel the same freedom we feel. 

  • The journal that Priscilla read every time she had a chance was her past. She relived her pain over and over again. 

The lesson would be that if we live our lives in fear of being hurt, constantly
building forts to keep the storms out, then we are keeping ourselves from maturing and growing. The fort although appears to protect us, all its good for is for alienating us. It keeps us from living life to its fullest potential. It is not until we go back to that place of hurt and patiently heal every would that we will be able to break down the fort and dream again.

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