Monday, May 6, 2013

Our 1st FGAL novel discussion

Dim the lights, turn on the candles, place the roses in glass vases, set up the food platters,
turn on the music.... It's FGAL discussion time!! Only one objective; to create an ambiance of romance, elegance, and sophisticated splendor in honor of Chef Alfred!!!  Lol 
One by one they arrived, each one with a story to be told , a perspective to be shared and an experience to be had.  First, we caught up with one another, sharing stories about our children and our lives, while enjoying the food.  Afterwards, we moved on to the living room.  Cozied up on the couches and chairs  to begin our novel discussion.    

We began with a short intro as to the origination of FGAL.  Then moved right into the novels.  Favorite and least favorite character.  One of the readers had Chef Alfred as their favorite character and others chose Sal, the father.  In a lively, excitement charged descriptions,  they went on to defend their choices. I stay amazed with everyone's take on these novels. I had no idea it had so many Layers. Loved it!  Now, on to our least favorite character; some chose the adoptive mother Mara others Jacob.  The explanation
for this one took me by surprise; Mara, because of the way she treated Abigail as a child.  The reader explained that it takes a darker heart to mistreat a child  than to mistreat another adult; Awesome insight. We read some passages from the novel, laughed at some, melted at some. lol 
Lastly, we shared some constructive criticism.  

 Not only did I enjoy being surrounded by friends, as well as readers that I just met there; but I also received much joy and satisfaction to hear about the convictions that occurred throughout the reading of the novel; to everyone on different levels.  All  of them could relate in different ways. Loved the emotions that were felt while reading: there were tears, anger and laughter.

This was a special night for me; hearing each women speak, feeling their emotion,
enthusiasm and excitement truly humbled me. There were times during the discussion that I would forget I wrote the novel and completely emerge myself into the debate.  Lol

I ended the night by asking each woman to put their name in the blank of this quote, I would as you to do the same:  _______ regardless of what that mystery entails (your past) it doesn't change who you are.  You could have come from outer space, with alien parents and have ET as your brother and you'd still be the most amazing woman I know.  Your presence imparts joy;there is a simplicity about you that makes you more beautiful than any other woman on the planet.  

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