Monday, April 29, 2013

First review of the Novel "Do you love me"

Lizzette Alvarado

Hello FGAL readers, I am thrilled with the success of my short novel, "Do you love me."   From your comments, phone calls, in boxes and texts, I can see how it impacted so many of you in different ways.  This week I will share with you the reviews of the four readers that were hand selected to give us their take on the novel.  Let me tell you, they blew my mind!  I know you will be richly blessed with their experience as I know you will all be able to relate in one way or another.  Thanks for reading! :) if you have not yet read the novel, this will ruin it for you. lol you can choose the label on the side bar (of the web version) to read "Do you love me"

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone who reads this exquisite novel will have their very own "vantage point". Whether it is through Abigail, Jacob, Sal Lopez, or Chef Alfred's eyes. The lessons in "Do you love me?" are multifaceted. They speak to the parent in you, the child in you and the lover in you. It challenges the vulnerable side of every reader yet reminds them of their strengths.

Unexpected moments in the novel kept me at the edge of my seat; from "the look" of Chef Alfred in Chapter 2 that spoke a thousand words, the envelope, the mysterious meeting with Jacob at the bistro and the enfamous box...just to mention a few.

I must add that the pictures in every chapter tickled my imagination. Any cinematographer would have "stills" of those very images, chosen by the author, on the silver screen. I wanted to eat at the cabana, I could smell the candles, and I was the one twirling around in that beautiful yellow dress, looking mighty fabulous, if I do say so myself....

I personally enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to my friends (male or female) for the following reasons:  I have had a few Jacobs, Maras, a Sal Lopez and a Chef Alfred in my life. All the accolades one receives really doesn't matter, we all just want to be loved; not because of what is on the outside but what lies inside. For those who know me personally, I, too, laugh like a hyena. I have cried "tears cascading down my face without ceasing" publicly as well as behind closed doors. I have felt my "body shake from the pain I had not allowed myself to feel", as the author so fiercely puts it. As I read that very line, it took me back to that place where I was reminded of the very moment God had stepped in, to heal my very own heart.

The scenery, the food, the flowers, every adjective placed delicately by the author allowed my feelings to come together, reminisce and remind me just how special I am in my Father's eyes and how much I am loved. In the finale, Abigail ran and ran as many of us do, but remembered Alfred's words. Even as we run there are promises we must remember. "It doesn't matter what your (past) entails, it doesn't change who you are." The newspaper clippings in your memory box may not say "dumpster baby". Perhaps it says, "divorced", "sick", "mistreated", "unfaithful", addict", only YOU truly know. Mine are just as real as yours & our main character, Abigail's. I choose to run "filled with hope" regardless of what hand has been dealt to me in my 36 years and will allow my Father to wrap me in His arms, put my head on His chest, allow Him to be the lifter of my head and wipe all my tears away".

In conclusion, I want to praise the author. Only a person with life experiences of her own can "tap" into the depths of the emotion of her readers. Every word was placed perfectly together as a harmony synchronizes with a perfect melody. My dear friend, Millie Gonzalez, may the pen of your heart never stop writing.
Anticipating a trilogy.....


  1. Love it!!! Very insightful, heart-felt and on-point. I agreed very much with Liz's to see what the other 3 experienced as they read this short, yet powerful, novel. Millie!!!! You're amazing! Can't wait to see what new is cooking!!

    1. Yes Yolanda Liz did a great job! Loved how she captured so much if what I wanted the readers to capture. Thanks for reading ;) something is already in the oven cooking up. Lol

  2. Wow, what do I say after that review ? I am speechless! Great job! Love, Dalmita