Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Second review of the novel "Do you love me"

Roberto Hernandez

I'm honored that Roberto Hernandez took the time out of his busy schedule to enlighten us with this review. It was important for me to have a male perspective for the novel. He is a man of influence, vision, purpose and heart. That is the reason I chose him; he was eloquent, sensitive, informative and encouraging in his review. You can learn more about Roberto at www.thepurposeman.com

As I started to read this novel it literally captivated my full attention. I was simply planning to browse through the story “Do you love me?” because I was at a hotel doing a Business Seminar in the West Coast and needed to get to the East Coast that evening. After reading the first few paragraphs of the story, sooner than later I began indulging in it. I made it a point to stay in the Hotel in order to keep on reading. I'm so very glad I did. This story is amazing! I haven't read a novel like this in years. It really touched me and even had me in tears a little. I was amazed at the suspense it had me in. I was on the bed sitting straight upward. I sort of already knew that the author Millie Gonzalez was unto something because of the positive commotion her writings were creating through the media - Facebook. I also saw a glow in her as if she discovered something, not in front of her, but in her. I just didn't have a clue it was going to be this good.

I’m now a fan of her novels. I guess I will read them for my own entertainment throughout my travels. In my opinion, she has emerged to her true self through the gift of writing. My understanding of potential is hidden capability, unreleased energy and latent power. It is also, all a person could be, but hasn't yet become, and all a person can do, but hasn't yet done. I believe it’s her time. I'm so very proud of her and thankful for serving us with her gift.

In this novel I loved the part when Abigail, the main character, was finally looking at the last three years of her life with the arrogant and non appreciating Dr. Alvarez. Her eyes opened to the reality that she was not appreciated and gathered courage in spite of her deep hurts and insecurities, to remove this negative man with all of his energy from her life.

I also liked how Chef Alfred was seeing the true colors and beauty of this very strong woman named Abigail and who she has become. It wasn’t just an illusive crush or love at first sight. It was as if he saw the full potential in her and was going to do whatever was within his reach to see it come to full fruition. The true job of a mentor and coach. This was more than a lover (or one that loved her at first sight), but a friend, father, spiritual guide, and life coach. The maturity he portrayed in not interfering too much in order to allow her to experience and explore her own journey was relevant wisdom. He reminded her of the only dad she knew, Sal. So important in life that when we have daughters to show them the same love and affection so that they can look for these qualities in their future mates and settle for nothing less.

The end of the novel was very refreshing when Sal, the adoptive dad of Abigail, came back into her life as the final icing right after she received enlightenment about her birth. As if all her questions were answered in a moment. Everything fell together. The reality is that suffering happens to us all, but if our motives are right, like Abigail’s were, and we are seekers of truth, like Abigail was, things will fall into place at an unexpected time and through unpredictable means. Everyone is entitled to happiness. Weeping, for all of us may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

I enjoyed this novel immensely and would recommend it to all of my friends. There is a message of hope and great inspiration to everybody that reads this story and the ones to come, I’m sure. The ones the author Millie still has in her to share with us. Great job Millie Gonzalez.


  1. Great review from a male's perspective. If I may dare to say, I wasn't chosen to review, but believe me, I had my own!! Liz hit a lot of the ones I experienced, and Roberto also hit some that I picked out....I usually say, a girl marries her father...he touched upon that, too. Can't wait to see the other reviews!!! Millie, I'm entirely intrigued by you! I would love to meet u in person!!! Blessings!

    1. ahhh, thanks Yolanda, but believe me I'm not that special. LOL Me like you, am loving these reviews; they are touching every single area that I wanted to bring across. I'm so grateful that they allowed themselves to be open enough so that we could all relate.

  2. She is a very funny lady and sweet ! Dalmita