Friday, February 8, 2013

On panic mode :/ lol

In panic mode today..... found myself pondering over my hot cup of coffee this morning. I was smh at the thought that since starting my blog two days ago i've gotten close to 300 hits. This made me paranoid enough to reconsider my decision! Lol my thoughts.... "OMG what have i done? 300 people know that I was (am) a spoiled brat!! " lol on a serious note, those of you who know me know that I am a very private person when it comes to my family.  A lot of what I would like to share thru this blog will be things that most people have never heard before.  Although it's nothing scandalous nor phenomenally special.... It is part of the things I hold dear to my heart.  They will be life lessons that I have learned thru the years.  Always maintaining the upmost respect for those of you whom have endured much more than I have.  I would hope you also would be inspired to write about your own experiences to share with me as well.  I realize that I'm writing at the risk of exposing my vulnerability. All in hopes to inspire someone to either NOT  do what I did b/c I failed or DO what I did b/c I succeeded. Just as a warning, there will be more "DON'T Dos" than "Dos" lol 


  1. Millie I have known u for years...Even in ur younger years meaning when u were a little girl...U have words of wisdom....God bless u......U have a way of saying the rights words when someone needed to hear them...As for me when I have being feeling down, u write the most beautiful words that have filled my heart with laughter....May God bless u for inspirational words...Thank u Maddie GBU

  2. Thank you Maddie, you are very special to me and my family. We love you :)

  3. I love it Millie! Keeping it real! I've thought about blogging too and sharing my life but haven't really done it. Maybe you will inspire me to do it.