Saturday, February 9, 2013

This sort of explains/excuses my psycho side.... LOL

Being the youngest of four was both good and great! Haha My mom would let me get away with everything, well almost everything... Lol The good thing about it was that I always felt loved, cared for and protected. The great thing about it was that my mom would always come to my rescue when I bothered my sisters (which happened often). lol She allowed me to sleep with her until I was about 13 & would try her best to give me what I wanted. Sooooo, if you want to call that "spoiled" then ok, I was a little spoiled. But, the amazing and unbelievable part of my childhood, as I think about it as an adult was, that I didn't know we were poor.

My mother had a way of making us feel grateful for what we had. I even remember a sense of contentment, pride and satisfaction. Of course, when I look back now, I realize how incredible my mother really is to have been able to make me feel like that. When in reality we were poor or as Tyler Perry would say "Po." Thrift store furniture, food pantry groceries, hand me down clothing and 15 people living in one house! Now that's "Po"! lol It wasn't always like that. When I was born we were a middle class two parent household. My parents were home owners and I lived in what most would consider a pretty stable home. I will share more of that on my upcoming posts.

If i could accomplish anything at all by sharing this, I would like it to be;  that you would walk away understanding the power of a single mom or better said of a "parent." To consider my mom and how she was able to make me "feel", in spite of our actual situation. This makes me reflect on myself as a parent. How will my kids "feel" about their childhood when they are adults? I want to make it my mission to pass down those same feelings of security, love, gratefulness, satisfaction and contentment that I felt as a child. I do realize that this will take an intentional effort on my part in this day and time. Because unlike me, these spoiled brats really do have everything! :/
Lord, help us!!! Lol

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