Monday, February 11, 2013

His side of the story..... whatever :/

Hello everyone, this is Oscar.  I decided to write my side of the story to give the men a voice. lol You see what had happened was…. hahaha As I remember it, when I met Millie’s mom she was extremely nice to me.  I thought to myself what a nice lady… little did I know that she was scouting me out for her daughter.  At that time I was focused on my music and so I didn’t show much interest in meeting Millie. That was until I found out she was in New Jersey visiting her friends.  At that moment I became curiousas as to what she was like.  The way I remember it, when Millie first saw me in my car... I had to close my car window to keep her from going thru it to kiss me.... hahaha ( I wish) Boy was I in for a surprise, she was like no other girl I’d met before…. she was mean! JK

What impressed me about her was her ability to express herself.  She was not afraid to say what was on her mind and she is also a great listener. So yes it’s true that I talked her ear off! Lol   What I also liked was that I could tell she was very secure; she was most def not about impressing me.  So much so, that in one of the spinning rides, at the boardwalk, she threatened to throw up on me if I got too close to her(she was kidding, at least I think she was :/) lol When I dropped her off at her friend’s house and she told me to have a nice life, I thought, "oh no what did I do wrong?"  As I drove home that night, I thought to myself, “omg, I just met this girl and I spilled my guts out, what’s going on?” Those who know me know that I’m a very private person…. how did she get me to do that?? Neither of us had any idea that... “Have a nice life” would mean having it together and that it was going to be a very nice life indeed.  LOL

The next day, when Ireceived a call from her, I was shocked. She asked me to come by so that she could talk to me.  Even though I had lent my car out that day, I knew I had to find a way to get to her. So I hopped on my bike and off I went…. I was curious as to what she had to say.  I have to be honest; I couldn’t wait to see her again.  When I arrived at her friend’s house and saw her, I felt as if I wanted to pick up where we had left off the night before; yep spilling more of my guts out… what’s wrong with me!!! Lol Being as straight forward as she is, she got right to the point. I wanted to play it cool and pretend I didn’t remember the “have a nice life”comment but she quickly called me on it. LOL She apologized and we said goodbye. She was heading back home to Ohio that day.  I started writing to her right away.  There was just something about her that I could not get her out of my mind.   I’ms ure she felt the same way although she won’t admit it….
she was in the pocket! Lol

The months that followed were exciting and somewhat unpredictable. Millie always left me in suspense about what was going to happen between us. I was attracted by that, also by her sense of humor. Still to this day she makes me laugh. About 8 months had gone by and Prom date was approaching. I was ready to make this relationship official. I had never waited so long for anyone but I was not giving up; I was determined to make her mine!!! Lol I arrived in Ohio heartbroken, I thought for sure Millie was going to say no because she had made it seem that way the night before on the phone.  She looked amazing when I saw her at the airport, love her smile.  She wasted no time in having “the talk”. lol As soon as she said “yes I want to be your girlfriend” I could breathe again! Lol but then she told me that it wasn’t “really” official until I spoke to her mother (who already knew).  She then with no warning calls her mom to the kitchen and tells her, “Mom Oscar wants to tell you something” and leaves me alone with her. I wanted to kill her! In the mean time, she later told me her and her dad were in the other room listening and laughing.  I made her pay for that one! lol

Six years passed before we got married. During that time we shared some great moments, I especially remember one day when I surprised Millie by going to Ohio for her birthday.  Her sister and brother in law put me inside a washing machine box and wrapped the box with wrapping paper.They then called Mille to tell her that I had sent her a huge gift in the mail.  The look on her face when she opened the box was priceless.   Now, about that first kiss… I had waited too long and I was going for it. That’s why I kissed her before she even had a chance to respond. Lol I must say we had a wonderful courtship and still there is never a dull moment with Millie, she still keeps me on my toes.
And she is still in the pocket!      
that's my story and I'm sticking to it! lol

Millie's B-day surprise and her letters to me, I saved them too :)

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