Friday, June 28, 2013

short novel "I see white clouds" part 4

No! I said, get away from here. At that point I felt the door swing open causing me to fall on the ground. The room was so dark, I couldn’t see who or what it was. A flash of light

came from the front of the door, it was security holding a flashlight; they saw me get up from my bed and wanted to make sure I was ok. I started to sob uncontrollably. I told her all that was happening to me and she said that if it would make me feel better she’d let me look at the surveillance video. I agreed, we walked across the dark long hallway. The only light was the flashlight she held to guide us along; this place looked even sadder at night. I was terrified as she searched for the footage; I knew that once she saw what truly happened, she would be upset that she didn’t catch it. She found it; there I was sleeping on my bed, then peaking through the blanket. “That’s when I first heard the sound.” I explained to security. My eyes were glued to the screen; I saw myself get up from the bed and head towards the door. I looked down at my feet, I looked startled and afraid. I saw myself bending down to touch the floor then walking towards the window. Lastly like an out of body experience I stood there watching myself scrub the floor raw. She forwarded an hour of footage and I was still scrubbing; there was no blood.

I starred and starred at the computer; who was that girl? She scared me, I didn’t recognize myself. I could see the sweat dripping from my face and unto the floor as I desperately tried to clean something that wasn’t really there. Tears ran down my cheeks, “What’s wrong with me?” I repeated to myself out loud. “I’m sorry Priscilla” said the security woman as she walked me back to my room. I could not stop the tears from coming down my face. I was terrified, something was happening to me that I could not control. I sat on the edge of my bed the rest of the night; didn’t sleep at all. Before i knew it,  it was ten o’clock in the morning again; the days seemed to run one into another here. I got my appointment knock and call. I didn’t even bother to comb my hair, much less get dressed.

Session 4

As soon as I walked through the door, without as much as a greeting, I prostrated myself on the floor. I wanted answers, I needed answers. Without hesitation, as if she knew exactly what had happened the night before, she asked “Priscilla are you ready to tell me about the “thing” that happened during the storm?” I wasn’t, I will never be. She sat next to me on the floor and continued to talk. “Priscilla, the longer you put this off, the longer you will suffer. You do have control; only you can determine how long you will hurt. Please let me help you.” I sat up and yelled looking up towards the ceiling “You don’t understand!!!! I can’t!!!! I can’t say it!!!!! Whenever I get close to telling you, I drift away.” “Let’s try again,” she said, “let’s keep on trying until we get there,” she insisted. I buried my face between my knees, closed my eyes and fought as hard as I could to stay.

With the heaviest of hearts I talked. “I was not hurting anyone; I was a nine year old child, simply lying on the ground looking at the clouds. I don’t understand why it happened; why to me, why to us?” What happened Priscilla? she asked. I could hardly continue I had to constantly pull myself out of the drift; I was getting exhausted. Whispering I tried again “The dark clouds began to slowly move in; within minutes the skies became dark. All the white clouds were gone, the three towers of the castle destroyed; only the storm clouds remained. That’s when I heard it; the whistle coming towards me. The sound changed as it came closer; from a whistle to a siren to a rumble, and then it was there; directly in front of me.” I had to stop talking, my body was becoming numb; I could not feel my hands. A cold sweat took over my body. I wanted to drift.

“Priscilla, you can do this,” she said, “This is the closest you have ever gotten to telling me. I’m here and you are safe now, please stay,” she kept saying in my ear. With my heart beating out of my chest, feeling out of breath, I had to push through. I continued, “The thing looked down at me, it lifted me from the ground, twirled me around and around, and

as I twirled, I could feel other things it had lifted off the ground as well. Finally it threw me to the ground again.” After I told her that, I totally lost control of myself. I felt my soul come out of my body as I stood up and screamed. “IT DESTROYED EVERYTHING, THE FIELD BECAME BARREN, IT PULLED ALL THE WHEAT FROM ITS ROOT. MY HOUSE WAS PUVERIZED. IT CHANGED THE TRAIL THAT LED ME HOME, I COULDN’T FIND MY WAY BACK, IT LEFT ME LOST, ALONE AND AFRAID.” I drifted.

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